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Nature Package - Coniferous Environment Unity


This pack contains a set of 96 highly detailed coniferous environment trees,

Mountain spruce (trunks with and without growing IVY on the tree trunk)

Scots pines, birches, aspens, grasses,plants,flowers,

coniferous cones and dry twigs.With it, you can create

a realistic coniferous environment.

This package contains:

11-Conifer Tree Big

4-Conifer Tree Medium

4-Conifer Tree Small

2-Scots Pine trees Group

3-Scots Pine trees Big

2-Scots Pine trees Medium

1-Scots Pine trees Small

3-Birches Trees

2-Birches Group trees

9-Forest Trees


29-Grasses,Flowers and Ferns

7-Dry Pine Sticks and Pine Cones

22-2D Textures:Grasses,Flowers

(for use in Unity Terrain Details)

25-Ground Textures

(Diffuse,NormalMap,Textures Resolution 2k-4k)

1-Demo Scene Included