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Rustic Environment For Unity

Rustic Environment - GameReadyScene(3x3km)
realistic countryside with a village,roads,paths,
fields planted with grass and flowers,with dense
realistic forests.
The scene is well prepared,it has a well tuned Global Lighting,
country houses with interiors and baked light.
Rustic Environment-included Environment,Interior
98 Prefabs with GroupLods:

-Four types of Wooden Modular Fences with doors
-Tables,stools,small cabinets,paintings,curtains,carpets,beds with pillows,
benches,sheds,country toilets,electric-transformer booth,
Modular Electric Pole and Electric Transmission Tower
-4 prefabs village courtyards,houses with interiors,fences,sheds,
made in different ways.
-vegetation:trees and bushes.
-Textures Resolution 2k-4k(2048x2048,4096x4096)
-Polygons Meshes:500 tris to 30000 tris